500 Thoughts

hans-peter-gauster-252751-unsplashSometimes the inside of my brain feels like this photo here → 

I seriously have about 500 thoughts running through my head tonight, these being the first few:

  1. At least three blog ideas (actually way more) where I simply need to find the time to write
  2. The packing and prepping for my daughter’s first dance competition of the season, tomorrow, which involves a weekend away and a desperate need to pack healthy snacks so I don’t feel like loser mom for not properly feeding my artist-athlete with a nut allergy
  3. Wondering how our powder room remodel is going, why our front porch is still torn up from some foundation work that needed to be done months ago, and why both of these things are taking longer than expected
  4. Why I hear a clicking noise inside Roxanne (my relatively new Jeep) and whether that’s just marginally annoying and I can live with it or if it’s actually something bigger I need to get looked at
  5. How to “market” myself better professionally internally or externally should it be warranted, and why this is getting more important than ever before
  6. Whether I should be posting/blogging/whatever on LinkedIn and what I should write about if so
  7. Whether I should be posting/blogging/whatever on Yammer which is our internal social media tool at work to “market” myself better professionally with my colleagues
  8. Music I want our little family of five to make for Christmas (a really “out there” idea even they don’t even know I want to do this year but we have the equipment and our own studio to pull it off)
  9. What Christmas gifts and donations are needed for
    • Immediate family
    • Extended family
    • Colleagues, Secret Santa and charitable donations at work
    • Teachers, friends, and charitable donations for our three school kids
    • Church charitable donations
    • Other coaches and teachers for our three kids and
    • Anyone else I’ve forgotten, because yes, there are years I have forgotten and I feel horrible about it
  10. When the shopping for all of the above needs to be done, when I’ll have time to wrap it all and deliver it
  11. How much anxiety I feel about going to CrossFit tomorrow because I have missed quite a bit this last month due to travel
  12. When in the world we’re gonna get a tree or see Santa, and both of those need to happen sooner than later
  13. Whether we will EVER get Christmas lights hung on our house but that depends on when the front porch slab is returned to its proper position and the yellow tape over our front yard is removed so the people hanging lights don’t fall into a foundation hole 8 feet deep
  14. When in the world the front slab of our porch is gonna get returned to its proper position so that UPS and Fedex can deliver packages to our front door, which is gonna happen a lot this month
  15. When I’m gonna get around to cleaning the house, because even though I actually hired someone to help us earlier this year (because, uh, duh: see all the above), she fired US for being slobs, telling us she is not our maid, even though “maid” is literally part of the name of her business: go figure on that one
  16. When I should start planning our trips for 2019, because planning is half the fun for me
  17. When I can start making the small health and behavior changes I learned about after reading The Blue Zones and taking the quiz mentioned in the book, because I have the potential to live healthfully to age 97 if I do
  18. Whether I have enough money saved for retirement to live until 97 (and I think we all know the answer to that one)
  19. Will any of my kids be in a position to take care of me or want to while I live to 97
  20. When in December I can invite every cool woman I know to my house for good wine, delicious food, and laughter
  21. Wait: when are the kids’ Christmas concerts?
  22. Oh shoot: I have no more vacation this year
  23. Whether my oldest understands how to use a planning calendar to stay on top of his assignments and goals
  24. Why am I worried about anything when I’m healthy, we’re happy, and we have everything we need when so many people don’t.
Pretty sure I need a glass of wine.

February Fruit Fairy

If you’re like me, the month of December is a giant blur. I love Christmas. ChristmasDay, that is. Everything leading up to it makes me hyperventilate.

It isn’t like I don’t know it’s coming. We all have weeks to prepare for it. The stores start whipping out the Christmas decorations in October now, for heaven’s sake.

No matter what I do to mentally prepare in advance or even SHOP in advance, the month of December exhausts me. Angel trees at school, at work, at church. Teachers to buy for at school, piano, dance, and Sunday school. Sports coaches too. Family to buy for. Not to mention the early November text messages from my sisters asking what’s on my kids’ wishlists. I haven’t even thought about what we as parents would get for them, let alone provide suggestions to the aunts. It’s endless.

I’m grateful. I want to show appreciation and love toward all these people, but the excess. Oy, the excess. I would much rather opt out and focus on the religious aspect of the season but I’m weak. The struggle to find balance is real.

Christmas Day comes and it’s wonderful but over in two heartbeats, it seems. The week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day? Now that’s one of my favorite times of year. Things slow waaaay down then.

This year was no different. However that week in between Christmas and New Year’s Day, which really ought to have a name like “winter siesta” or something like that, gave me time to reflect on the frantic weeks beforehand. I felt bad that I didn’t do anything to show my appreciation to the elementary school staff. These wonderful people create a delightful atmosphere at school. Now that we’ve got a third kid walking those halls, they feel like family to us. I wanted to do something nice for them, and thought maybe they get an overload of stuff in December themselves so I would wait until January.

True to form, I couldn’t even get my act together in the early part of the month but this past week I hand delivered a fresh fruit basket to the front office. Fuji apples, bananas, cuties, green grapes, and strawberries. It was very early in the morning and the school must have just opened. No one was at the front desk, so I just left my basket on the counter with my note.

As I drove away, one of the admins called me on my cell immediately to say what a nice surprise my basket was. I joked and told her to just call me the “fruit fairy”. Really, me just dropping off a basket with no one to witness felt a little like being the tooth fairy! sommi-257178She laughed and told me too bad I didn’t wait until next month or I could be known as the February Fruit Fairy. “Next year,” I replied.

I kinda like it. We even have teacher appreciation week in early May but that sneaks up on me every year. But to be the February Fruit Fairy? I’m totally down with that.

Doesn’t everyone want to eat healthy in the new year? And after all that craziness in December, maybe it it IS better to celebrate these wonderful people another time of year.

Remember, you heard it here first.